Thursday, 11 April 2019

MY brithday 2019

May 12 is my birthday and my mum made a cake and i was ten and my present was a playstation 4. My name is Unicorn poop, I like lollies because they are yum. I wish I had fortnite because it is the best game in the world. Because it's so cool to play like shooting other players (evil laugh) and because it is fun doing it. I love the game because you can challenge good people. I think I like top 50 the best. I'm the top 50 player in the world. Challenge me.Then I Was playing forthite on my playstation 4 and i was playing with ninja.and ninja lost because  i liked him my my was so fun and thest.


This is my Animal and it is a crocodile and it is so cool.

Punctuation Challenge.

WALT: use correct punctuation.

Task description: Today we had to practise who to do punctuation and I had really fun trying to fix Mr Goodwin Punctuation challenge.

By Moui

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


Hi my name is mou’i and my book is call the black island Tin Tin and the author is.HERGE and my book is cool and fun.
is cool and fun.


Hi my name is mou'i and it so cool.

Monday, 1 April 2019

8 bit art

This is my plan for my real life 8 bit art drawing.I have chosen to draw a mindctaft  because i like  and  mindctaft it a cool game.

My Robot on the farm.