Friday, 29 June 2018

Sky Diving Recount

I Went to sione and siaku and Austin and we went to the Airport and we went All the way up high and we Jumped Out of The Aeroplane and we were happy that we were in the Ground and we went to Sleep.and We woke up the next morning and we had breakfast

And we went to school and told the teacher about the dream and we went to morning tea and lunch and we went to class.and we went home and we tell mum and dad and we went to Church and we went Back home and we Had KFC for dinner and i went to sleep and i Wake up up the next morning and we went to the Park.and we went to Sylvia Park and we look for Some clothes. And we We looked at my Blog and we Saw my work and we were happy About the story and we went to KFC.THE END.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

writing, 2018, miss moala and miss west

On the afternoon when school finished Mrs West and Mrs Moala had to make a about movie  two balls  and they drop the two balls. And then they put the two balls all  together. and then they got the basketball and the small golden ball. Crack and then they had to clean up the cracking golden ball. Miss moala had to go and get the broom to tidy up the mess. And miss west went to the ground and help miss moala.  The ball fall down  and the ball