Thursday, 6 December 2018

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

math 2018


hi my name is moui and this is my DMIC 2018 please leave a common

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Writing. 2018,

Long ago, there was an ancient tribe from the country now known as Australia. The tribe lived off the land and had to hunt and gather for their food.  In this land, the impressive dragon tail was the ultimate prize because it provided food for the whole tribe. Only the most mighty and cunning warriors could hunt such an animal.

This is the story of one such tribe, on an epic hunt to catch one of these mighty animals.

One day the mighty warrior decided it was time to hunt the dragons. He was angry that the dragons were burning some of the villiage. He went on the hunt dancing like he was from Fortnight and he got the dragon with his spear and the village was really happy and hungry.

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Friday, 16 November 2018

that's really stink

Watch the story starter for the story, That Really Stinks.

Plan for your writing:

Characters: Sam, The Big monster, 5 more monsters
Setting: the bathroom, the sewer, the monster’s cave

Problem: the big monster stole Sam’s sister’s smartphone and sam was behind the rock and the Big monster gave the smartphone to the 5 monsters and sam was not happy at all and the sister call sam and sam said yes and the sister said came and est dinner and gave my phone back and sam said I’m coming back said sam and i’m at the bottom off the toilet.

Write the ending for the story.

The big monster shows all his friends the phone and pushes the button on the app that makes the farting noise. All the other monsters fall on the floor laughing. They think it is so funny. Sam jumps out from behind the rock and shouts, “Hey! Wanna see something else that’s funny?” The monsters can’t decide if they want to eat Sam or let him teach them something funny. They decide to listen to what he wants to say. They let him show them the old trick. Making fart noises using your hand and arm pit. The big monster is rolling around on the ground laughing and drops the phone. Sam grabs the phone and runs. The monsters are left in the cave making fart noises and Sam gets away.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Writing. 2018,

One morning when I woke up, I saw a floating island.  When I walked to the floating island, I saw a tunnel and I went thru it, it was dark.  I couldn’t even see anything but I can hear noises from the floating island like Fortnite.  When I went to the floating island I didn’t know it was my grandpa’s house. Then my papa had yummy food.  It was McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and takeaway. I ate all of them, and I saved some of the food for my grandpa, my parents, my cousins and my family because it was Mother’s Day.  At my parent’s house my Dad was cooking pig and when we went to our grandpa’s house we played Fortnite all day long. We ate pig and all that food that we made especially Lu Sipi.

Narrative writing plan