Monday, 13 August 2018

Movie Narrative

Movie Narrative

On Monday 13th of August, my friend Jerry went to Nukualofa in Tonga because his uncle was getting married. Jerry’s uncle, Tevita was going to marry Ilisapesi. Lots of people were coming to celebrate the wedding.

I had to stay at school with Mrs Moala and Miss West to do some school work like I am doing now. I wanted to say Hi to Jerry when he was in Tonga. So I tried to email him using gmail.

Hi Jerry. It’s me, Moui. I am trying to message you to remind you not to put your hotel address on Facebook. Just in case people will know where you are and might steal all your stuff and you are gonna be in danger and homeless if they steal your money.

Have a good time in Tonga. Bring me some presents from Tonga ok. From Moui.

Jerry emailed me back and said

To Moui

Thank you for reminding me to be cybersmart. I will remember to bring your presents when I come home next week. Bye, see you next week. From Jerry.

I told Mrs Moala and Miss West that I helped Jerry to be cybersmart when he was in Tonga. They were very proud of me.

The End

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Taking Care of Ourselves Poem

After reading the book, "Taking Care of Ourselves" the boys and I decided to create a video saying the poem. I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, 27 July 2018

May's Finger

move your body

On the first day of school we went to the hall to the assembly because it was the holiday and we stand up and dance with Mr Sommerville and Mr Jacobson and then we were looking for Mr Burt. He was hiding behind the stage because it was move your body dance and then Miss Haare and her friend came up and danced with us. Mr Burt was wearing a blond wig and he was wearing blue short shorts and a t-shirt he looked really really silly because of his wig. Team 1 showed a movie and then Team 2 showed a movie and then Team 3 showed a movie and then Team 4 showed a movie and the last movie was from Team 5. I liked Team 1s movie the best because of Mrs Dwyer played PS4 for long and the alarm went on she was still asleep and then she woke up and still went to school and she was tired and she forgot her keys at home and Mr Jacobson came with a big scissors and he broke the lock of the cupboard so they could get the ipads out and the kids said finally and then on morning tea she went to the staff room and she took a nap. After assembly we lined up and walked back to class

Friday, 29 June 2018

Sky Diving Recount

I Went to sione and siaku and Austin and we went to the Airport and we went All the way up high and we Jumped Out of The Aeroplane and we were happy that we were in the Ground and we went to Sleep.and We woke up the next morning and we had breakfast

And we went to school and told the teacher about the dream and we went to morning tea and lunch and we went to class.and we went home and we tell mum and dad and we went to Church and we went Back home and we Had KFC for dinner and i went to sleep and i Wake up up the next morning and we went to the Park.and we went to Sylvia Park and we look for Some clothes. And we We looked at my Blog and we Saw my work and we were happy About the story and we went to KFC.THE END.